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About Us

Decades of experience and a continuous aspiration for innovation make Geo-Log one of the leading geophysical companies in the CEE region. We offer an exceptionally wide range of wireline services and engineering geophysics to characterize subsurface geology and to provide downhole information about wells and boreholes.

In addition to other areas our services are explicitly vital for:

  • geothermal research projects
  • geotechnics
  • groundwater and karst aquifer exploration
  • mining
  • exploration geology.

Our Services

Whatever your survey needs are, we have the expertise and tools to help you succeed.

Wireline Open Hole Logging

Utilizing unique measurement technologies to determine formation properties and downhole information via numerous well-logging methods.

Wireline Cased Hole Logging

High quality well structure inspection, production profile, cement bond logging for comprehensive diagnostics of production and injection wells

Well and Borehole Camera Inspection

Real-time high-resolution recordings about the interior of the well or borehole with 360° rotation and 180° tilting possibility, controlled manually from the surface.

Well testing

Helps to assess the hydrogeological parameters of the aquifer, the fluid production capacity and gas-water ratio of the well via downhole and surface testing procedures.

Borehole Seismic

Used to determine mechanical properties of subsurface formations with high or low frequency induced vertical seismic profile for different depths.


Allows long-term downhole data registrations even under extremely high pressure & temperature conditions especially for production or interaction tests.

Downhole and Surface Fluid Sampling

Quick and efficient fluid sampling on the surface or from downhole to determine the chemical and physical properties of the groundwater and the soluble or separated gas.

Engineering geophysics

Helps to identify subsurface formation properties and localization via surface seismic methods for construction operations or well-planning procedures.

Special borehole measurements

In certain cases, we can perform surveys and well-tests with tools provided by our Client or one of trusted partners, combining these tools with our own logging equipments.

Advantages of Working
with Us

Our company utilises the most advanced technology and equipment available in the industry, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and precision in our services.

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, with a commitment to delivering exceptional results.


Completed Surveys per Year

Across Europe, for all economic operators and individuals as well


Geothermal Projects per Year

From seismic surveys through well-logging measurements up to final well testings.


Years of Experience

In the implementation, interpretation and development of geophysical and well testing

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