Our services

We strive to tailor our services to meet our customers specific needs and requirements.

At Geo-log,

our mission is to provide top-notch services to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction every step of the way.

Over the past 30 years, we have made significant advancements in our winches, equipment, and vehicle fleet to ensure that we can perform outstanding measurements in a variety of challenging environments. 

Whether we’re working in geothermal water wells thousands of meters deep or navigating the narrowest mine shafts that require small mobile equipment, we have the tools and technology to deliver the highest quality results.

Wireline Open Hole logging

No matter the drilling purpose, wireline open hole logging is the best solution to evaluate downhole properties and fluid content of the formation penetrated by the borehole.

As Geo-Log’s oldest scope of activity, our wireline open hole logging services include all types of surveys needed in geothermal, groundwater, karstwater, geotechnical and geological exploration; and mining.

  • Shallow and deep potential resistivity log
  • Micro resistivity log
  • Mud resistivity log
  • Induction resistivity log
  • Laterolog (LL3)
  • Induced polarization log
  • Spontaneous potential log
  • Magnetic susceptibility log
  • Natural gamma-ray log
  • Spectral gamma-ray log
  • Gamma-gamma density log
  • Neutron porosity log
  • Fullwave sonic log
  • Acoustic borehole telewiever log
  • Cement bond log
  • Vertical seismic profile
  • 3 arm caliper log
  • 4 arm dipmeter log
  • Temperature log
  • Borehole orientation log
  • Optical borehole telewiever log
  • Borehole camera inspection

Wireline Cased Hole Logging

Wireline diagnostics of completed wells

provides valuable information under any given circumstance.
Evaluation of cement bond quality between the casing and the formation is neccessary to protect groundwater from infiltrating pollutants and to reduce the possiblity of blowouts.
Inspection of well structure, its condition, or its fluid mechanics helps in establishing optimal
production levels, identifying construction deficiencies and may provide explanation to changes in well condition.

  • Cement Bond Logging
  • Flowmeter
  • Heat pulse flowmeter
  • Optical transparency
  • Temperature
  • Fluid resistivity
  • Pressure gradient
  • Real-time downhole pressure registration
  • Caliper
  • Well screen localization

Our wireline cased hole logging list of surveys can be expanded by well-testing, fluid sampling or camera inspection on the Client’s request.

Well and Borehole Camera Inspections

Our company provides the most innovative downhole camera inspection systems for a wide variety of situations.

The system’s biggest advantage is that the downhole probe lens provides real-time view which can be rotated in 3D at 180° through software control by the operating personnel from the surface. In brief we have full visual coverage in vertical, horizontal, cased or open holes.

Our technology provides a most accurate inspection of well casings, well screen damages, fish top localization, quality of rock formation, etc.

Well Testing

The most important data to characterize the behavior of the reservoir and to establish well
performance are provided by well tests.

During a complex work process Geo-Log delivers important data that quantify well and reservoir
characteristics. This information helps our Clients to optimise production or injection and assists in
planning or modifying technologies based on wells.
Our well testing system, inclusive of several portable and truck-mounted elements, makes mobilisation easy and facilitates a time-effective operation. Thus we are capable of performing surveys simultaneously in multiple wells for the purpose of interference tests.

  • Wellhead pressure
  • Water level
  • Water flow rate
  • Gas flow rate
  • Flowing temperature
  • Downhole pressure
  • Downhole temperature
  • Caliper
  • Well screen localization

For the downhole parameters, application of slickline or wireline cased hole logging is neccessary. In
order to measure their rates gas phase has to be separated from liquid phase. To do this Geo-Log Ltd
uses easy-to-transport test separators in different sizes that can handle almost any flow rate.

Borehole Seismic

The Downhole measurement

provides shear wave velocities (VS) and compressional wave velocities (VP) for geological layers along a single borehole. Soil dynamic parameters, such as shear modulus, Poisson ratio and Young’s modulus can be determined with density measurements that can be done with our radioactive source. We can perform these measurements up to a depth of 150 m.

Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) measurement

provides useful data to improve the geological model interpreted based on the surface seismic section. We can provide the following VSP measurements to our partners (Checkshot VSP, Zero offset VSP, Offset VSP) down to 3000 m depth, utilizing vibroseis (IVI MARK 4 Y2400 hydraulic vibrators) sources.


For downhole pressure and temperature surveys,

Geo-Log Ltd. provides slickline services with electronic memory probes, mobile winch systems and self-mounted lubricators. This solution makes the mobilization and installation much easier and faster, thus keeping the operation more time-effective and low-budget.

Downhole and Surface Fluid Sampling

Besides volume and temperature, ground water utilization also depends on physical and
chemical properties, total dissolved solid (TDS) and gas content.
Regardless of the number of surveys performed in a well, you will never get a comprehensive
concept of the well without liquid/gas sample analysis.

Geo-Log ltd. uses easy-to-use and easy-to-transport separators that can be quickly assembled on-
site for the purpose of gas/liquid separation and sampling. These tools are sized to adapt to any
flow rate.

If surface sampling is not possible due to special circumstances during well production or we only
need samples from a specific depth, we recommend the use of a downhole sampler tool. This
tool allows us to get gas/water samples from any depth; we can determine the gas-water ratio;
and identify well sections as the origin of certain chemical elements.

Engineering geophysics

Engineering geophysical surveys

are non-destructive, neither has their application any effect on the environment nor does it require landscaping. They are cost-competitive, can optimise drilling works, can significantly improve spatial planning, and can help in environmental risk management.

  • seismic refraction profiling (P and S waves)
  • seismic refraction tomography (2D, 3D, P and S waves)
  • multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW)
  • seismic surveys in boreholes (down-hole)
  • seismic tomography between the boreholes and the surface

Special borehole measurements

Since its foundation our company has been approached many times to perform surveys that had not
originally been included in our services

or where well temperatures had been higher than the
operational temperature of our tools. However that has never stopped us from welcoming these
opportunities as we were trying to fulfill our Clients’ wishes.

All industry tools are now easy-to-integrate, can be transported quickly and supported remotely. Any
tool rented or purchased from a foreign country or provided by our Client can be integrated into our
survey systems.

  • NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) survey in a geological exploration project with both the
    NMR probe and its surface processing unit being rented from a third party while providing
    our own field crew, winch and survey vehicle.
  • High-temperature BHTV (acoustic borehole television) survey in a geothermal exploration
    project with logistics as above.
  • High-temperature spectral gamma survey in a mining exploration project with the SGR probe
    rented while the surface processing unit, the field crew, the winch and the survey vehicle
    were all provided by Geo-Log.
  • Geothermal well inspection with extremely high well-head pressure: Geo-Log providing a
    slickline winch and memory gauges while the lubricator was rented