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Interaction tests of geothermal wells in Tótkomlós

In a sweltering depths, our 2019 project reached a milestone in 2023. Amidst scorching 130-140 Celsius, we tackled the challenge of registering downhole parameters in all four wells. As the data poured in from 290 hours of downhole and 140 hours of surface surveys, a tantalizing revelation awaited. What secrets lie beneath?

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The adventures of geothermal explorers in Slovakia

Our mission? To unlock the boundless potential of geothermal energy and harness it for local economic prosperity. With unwavering determination, we delved into the depths of Csilizradvány, reaching awe-inspiring depths of 2500 meters and 1800 meters, in pursuit of untapped geothermal treasures.

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First Steps towards the Modernization of Our Vehicle Fleet

Embrace the future of geothermic research with our cutting-edge fleet upgrade! After groundbreaking projects like the Paks atomic power plant’s geological research, we’ve decided to elevate our vehicle fleet. Introducing high-capacity logging trucks and versatile medium vehicles, we’re ready to …

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