Evaluation of Wells for Szeged Waterworks: A Fascinating Undertaking

In 2020, we embarked on an ambitious journey with Szeged Vízmű Zrt., the esteemed waterworks serving the city of Szeged.

Our mission?

To conduct camera inspections, analyze well structures, and determine production profiles for 27 vital stratified water wells supplying the city’s water.

These wells, ranging from 400 to 500 meters deep—remarkably deep in a Hungarian context—offered unique challenges and discoveries. The camera inspections unveiled intriguing details, but with depth came complexity and a time-intensive process.

For each well, we accumulated an average of 3 hours of captivating video footage. Imagine the magnitude!

As the project concluded, our Client received over 10 kilometers of well structure footage, totaling nearly 100 hours.

This awe-inspiring endeavor strengthens Szeged’s water supply, and we’re thrilled to contribute to this essential mission.

Stay tuned for more remarkable updates as we continue to deliver excellence!

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