Geotechnical examination of the Chain bridge’s pillars with geophysical methods

In 2021, at the beginning of the Chain bridge’s restoration, our company has been commissioned to examine the static state of the bridge’s pillars on both the Buda and the Pest side. 

During these tests we have examined the pillars’ and icebreakers’ condition and the possible gaps in them, and also the physical parameters, solidity, porosity and permeability of the blocks of stone filling the pillars. 

The most important part of our task was to provide data based on which the inoculation procedures could be planned (how the pillars should be inoculated and locating the possible cavities…).

We have suggested two separate methods to survey the pillars’ condition:

  • Borehole geophysical measurements, camera recordings and laboratory testing in wells drilled in certain points in the pillars (1 well in each pillar) and the icebreakers (two drillings in the Northern icebreaker on the Pest side)
  • 3D seismic screenings of the pillars’ structure above the water

The inoculation program has been planned based on the results of the core sample and geophysical examinations. 

Our repeated 3D seismic screenings in 2022 have proven the inoculation process’s success.

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