Rock mechanic surveys in Bulgaria: A thrilling adventure in the underground world

One of the most exciting projects of 2023 for us was when an international mining company commissioned us to conduct surveys in an ore mine located 80 km west of Sofia.

During the survey, we examined the rocks using acoustic probes and conducted measurements for borehole orientation, natural gamma radiation, caliper, and temperature. By determining the geological formation layers and assessing the rock formation’s fracturing, we provided valuable information for planning future mining operations in these inclined formations.

After evaluating the logs and determining the fractured areas, we established the width, depth, orientation, and direction of the fractures, as well as the potential fluid flow between the fractured zones.

Throughout the project, we not only provided useful data to the mining company but also learned a lot about Bulgarian rocks and ore mining.

One of the most memorable moments of the project was when we visited the mine and witnessed the ore being extracted based on our surveys. The bright and colorful ore pieces were a magnificent sight and revealed the rich resources hidden beneath the Earth’s surface. The miners expressed their gratitude for our work, which made their job easier and safer.

We are delighted to have been part of this project and contributed to the advancement of Bulgarian mining. 

We hope to undertake many similar surveys in the future!

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